Know Your Rights


YOUR SAFETY is the most important thing during a traffic stop – Keep Calm, Be Polite, and Follow All Orders.

  1. Immediately slow down, use your blinkers or hazards, and safely pull over to the right.
  2. Turn off your engine and put on your parking break.
  3. Roll down your window all the way. Turn off the radio. Turn on the interior light. Don’t smoke.
  4. Stay still. Officers look for “furtive” movements that seem like you’re trying to hide evidence or reach for a weapon.
  5. Place both hands on the wheel and wait.
  6. Smile politely and say “Hello Officer. Can I help you?”
  7. Ask permission before getting out your license. “Is it okay to get my wallet out of my [pocket, purse, glove box, etc.]?” Never reach for anything without asking first.
  8. The officer may ask you to get out of the car. Don’t get nervous - many officers just do that every time. Politely follow instructions.

Police may contact you directly as part of an investigation. You may or may not be the target. Either way, have a lawyer speak to them for you.

Even if you did nothing wrong, you may get in trouble if you talk to the police. Mix-ups and confusion happen sometimes.

Even if you have nothing to hide, you should talk to a lawyer.