AI is leveling up the American justice system

By Stand Together

JusticeText aims to restore balance to the criminal justice system and redefine what public safety means in America. They’re doing so by providing time-saving technology solutions to public defenders to ensure every person has access to an effective legal defense and due process. They recognize that public defenders often lack the resources and time to effectively analyze the overwhelming amount of recorded data and evidence. This puts defendants at a disadvantage, and can lead to unjust outcomes and extended periods of incarceration. JusticeText employs artificial intelligence to transcribe and extract key moments from audio and video evidence, aiding public defenders in identifying critical information and holding the criminal legal system accountable. By saving time and enhancing the analysis process, JusticeText empowers public defenders to provide more robust and effective representation, preventing wrongful convictions and facilitating dismissals or reduced charges. This technology-driven approach seeks to reduce the burden on the current system, improve due process, and contribute to overall justice and public safety.