Bob Wicoff

Wrongful Convictions Division Chief


Bob Wicoff has worked for the Harris County Public Defender’s Office since its inception in 2011, first as chief of the appellate division and now as chief of the post-conviction writs division. He is board certified in criminal law and criminal appellate law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization. He has represented several inmates who have been exonerated after forensic testing has proven their innocence, including Michael Anthony Green, who was released in July of 2010 after serving 27 years in prison. He has served on several investigative panels of the Texas Forensic Science Commission, including the hair microscopy, bite-mark, and bloodstain pattern analysis panels, and served as the director of the statewide Texas DNA Mixture Review Project, which reviewed more than 5,000 convictions involving DNA mixture evidence. He has authored many legal articles, including “Outbreaks of Injustice: Responding to Systemic Irregularities in the Criminal Justice System,” part of the collection “Wrongful Convictions and the DNA Revolution.” He has practiced law for more than 40 years.